Baa, Baa, black sheep,

Have you any peace?

Yes sir, yes sir full of piece!

Days are getting hot,

Earth is smoking pot,

World say lives matter,

Looking at others platter,

We fight over a piece,

Pose with a peace,

Wear & burn fossil; for our tease,

Chiefs shake hand to maintain the peace,

Strike on their borders to get their piece,

Boast their progress, they call as technology,

Forget the thing, what matters more is zoology,

Things won’t stop flowing out my head,

A day will come all die for the bread!

Woh! Woh! black sheep!

Can we talk about wool?

Yes sir, yes sir three bags full!



Try hard..

I tried and tried and tired and tried,

Crept with illusions that smiled and cried,

Cope,hope like dope and nope i heard,

was in a pan of trust that fried!

The stairs to my theatre are pretty wide;

All my super hero powers are dried,

Theatre will run, earn, turn my despite,

The pawns get rejected for kings to thrive.

Bard hard dread wiped and spiked,

Try hard! Try hard! The conscious arise!